CPS1 is an end-to-end system of optimized components.  Certain components can be purchased separately, enabling users to use existing hardware, to create different configurations and to upgrade their system at a later time.

Cartridges and styli

Key to the exceptional performance of CPS1 is its customized cartridges, developed by Peter Ledermann.  Mr. Ledermann is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading cartridge designer/innovators, with specific expertise playing monophonic media.  The product of four years’ focused research, CPS1’s Soundsmith audiophile-grade cartridges feature:

  • Customized vertical and horizontal compliance
  • Optimized fixed-coil design to reduce moving mass for improved sensitivity
  • Cartridge bodies optimized for vertical tracking
  • Permanent, custom nude styli provided by Expert Stylus & Cartridge Company

Every cartridge is personally assembled by Peter himself with unique serial number.  Three cartridge configurations are available:

  • 2-minute for black and brown wax as well as 2-minute celluloid
  • 4-minute wax for dictation and Edison (black wax) Amberols
  • 4-minute celluloid


The faint modulation of many cylinders – particularly early brown wax recordings – demand ultra low-hum, low-noise electronics.

CPS1 features exceptionally short, low-level cable runs to minimize spurious hum. Then, exceptional results are assured with our hand-built preamp designed by Soundsmith engineer, Peter Ledermann.  Built into CPS1, it combines an external DC power supply with very high end audiophile grade components to deliver ultra-flat (non-RIAA) audio into both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced loads.
Additional specifications:

  • Gain: 43 db gain
  • Noise (unweighted): -93db
  • THD (at 1kHz): ~0.004%

Mandrel adaptors

CPS1 accommodates standard size cylinder formats, including Twentieth Century (6-inch) cylinders and celluloid cylinders that have shrunk over time.  Additional slip-on mandrels are offered as optional accessories for the following formats:

  • Concert (5”) cylinders
  • Salon (Inter) cylinders
  • Phénix (brown wax) cylinders

Each mandrel includes an anodized aluminum spacing block for the tonearm.  The block, which is easy to add and remove by means of thumb screws, not only adjusts arm height.  It also adjusts for stylus overhang so proper tracking angle is maintained without changing headshell settings.